Story of a Tiger..

Once a person heard from someone that God is so kind and he is looking after and taking care of all. Though the person was a strong believer of God, but just because of curiosity the he decided to test whether really God takes care of everybody or not...

The persons' worship was ongoing.. One day when he was returning from a church he saw an older fox who was so weak and because of his age and poor health condition he was not able to hunt any animal.. As of the situation the person realized that the fox's survival is difficult if he is not going to get any food..

The soft hearted person pray the almighty god to show mercy on fox. He prayed for his food from bottom of his heart... and went from there..

Tomorrow on the same path.. He saw a tiger hunting a deer. Frightened person looked all drama from behind a tree so far.. The tiger ate half of the deer and walked away after sometime.. A bit later, the old fox came there slowly and ate the half deer left behind by the tiger.

The person happily thanked god for his kindness and went from there to the church...

Day after that, a thought came in person's mind that if God is looking after all and he is taking care of all of us... then why should I work for my survival.. as he made the arrangement for fox .. he will take of mine also...

The thought driven person then left working and started praying god to look after him.. A day passed the person believed something will happen... but nothing happened. Day after day four days passed but the person didn't gave up the praying.. Then he heard a massive sound... " Ask my Son, What do you want?"

The extremely excited person replied to god.. " Hey God. why did you become so unkind to me, I was dying of starvation from four days and you didn't made any arrangement of my food? You took care of a fox who is not even praying for you.. then why didn't you worried for my meal?"

Laughingly god replied, " My dear son ... I made you a tiger... Not a fox..."

God helps them who help themselves !!! 

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