Does God Exists : A Short Story to Contemplate.

A man was sitting in a train reading “The Bible”. Another man entered the coupe and sat opposite him. He could not contain himself and hence asked him – “Hello, what are you reading?”
The man replied “the Bible”.
The another man said “I am surprised that you read the Bible in this era of science, where everything can be explained scientifically. Reading the bible is just blind faith”.
Saying thus he advanced his business card and introduced himself as a scientist and insisted that the first man call on him to see him so that he could explain further.
As the scientist was about to get off the train, he said “Sorry…I did not get your name”.
The first man said “I am Thomas Alva Edison”. The scientist was taken aback.
He asked “Sir, please tell me when I could come and see you”.
So a date and time was fixed and on the appointed day the scientist went to meet Edison. In Edison’s house, the scientist’s eye fell on an immaculate mechanical model of the solar system.
Edison said “Nobody, yesterday it was not there – today it just appeared in his house on its own”.
The scientist gave a small snort of a laugh and said “How is that possible? Jokes apart, Sir, please tell me who made it”.
Edison insisted that it just appeared. The scientist retorted that logically and scientifically speaking, it is an impossibility that it suddenly appeared.
Edison finally said “When you scientists say that the whole Cosmos was not there before and then one fine day it suddenly appeared and you ask us to believe it, why should not a small model similarly appear?”  

(Story adapted from one of the discourses by T T Rangarajan)
This brings us to one of the fundamental principles of cause and effect – where there is an effect, there must be a cause. When there is a painting, there should be a painter. If there is a creation, there should be a creator. If the Universe we see exists, there should be a phenomenon which created it.
If we try to trace the origin of anything you see in this world, you will end up either stagnating or getting in circles. A popular example in this context is that of the chicken and the egg. Where does the egg come from – Chicken…where does the Chicken come from – Egg….and so on. We do not know which came first – the Chicken or the Egg. The cause for the chicken is the egg and the cause for the egg is the chicken. Whichever came first, it must have been created by someone or something. It must have a source or cause.
Every cause arises from a previous cause. The ultimate or the very first cause is what we call as God – the one with no cause before him. Hence we can conclude, whatever we can see and what we cannot… just cannot be there without a creator or the source, call it whatever. Call the phenomenon - God, Krishna, Our Father, Abba, Allah, Wahe Guru, the Spirit, Atman, Purna Shakthi or anything - The creator exists and He is the Cause of all Causes.

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