Think before you judge : Put yourself in someone's shoes

In a local bus, a man was sitting with his boy. The boy was too much naughty and he was having fun in the bus. He was shouting, clapping and was roaming around every seat of the bus. He was enjoying his travel too much.

His father, on the other hand was sitting quietly staring the environment outside the window.

This scene became unbearable for a lady, who sat just behind the seat of the man. Angrily she shouted, "Can't you look at your son? He is shouting, wandering and troubling the passengers? Don't he have the seriousness of the situation that where he is and how should he behave?"

In continuation she said, "Haven't you taught him to enjoy without disturbing to others? What are these ill manners?''

The man with tears in his eyes turned to the lady and humbly replied, "Sorry miss for the behavior of my child. Really he is not having the the seriousness of the situation. He is enjoying for the reason that he is going to meet his mom.... How can I tell him that she is no more now and you will not meet her ever.. How can tell him...?" The man went on crying like a child.

The lady was so disappointed. She felt so guilty for her reaction and felt very sad for the young boy and the man.

The lady who was thinking of the naughtiness and ill manners of the boy was thinking now about his innocence. She spoke herself that how the cute boy will survive without his mother. Later she prayed to the god and said sorry to the man.

Moral : 
Don't judge any person or situation that appears as to you. You can understand someone only if you can put yourself in someone's shoes.

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