Biggest robbery : The robbery of our consciousness.

One fine morning, Sameer's mom was doing her routine job. She went so much angry when she got message that her maid was unable to come for the work.

Angry mom started shouting on her husband and boy that how could she complete the entire tasks. She used very bad words for the maid saying that she spoiled her morning. She then had battle with her husband and he had to left office without lunchbox. Sameer too went college calming mom saying "Don't worry mom, I will help you when I get back in the noon."

In this story, "not coming of the maid" was a situation and the anger shown by Sameer's mom was the "reaction." which not only spoiled her time but her behavior too. That too, with the persons who were not at all responsible for the situation. 

She could happily respond to the situation if she could help herself to get protect her consciousness. It was stolen by the maid (actually by the situation) in front of her eyes and still she didn't realized the robbery.

Moral : In day today life, we need to be very careful and conscious to respond the situations and not to react. We should not give our minds' remote control to anyone's hand. 

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