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Illusion : Real Story of The Dress

Hi Friends,
This is something different than than the usual motivational stories. Many of you might have heard or might have seen the dress which became viral since February 2015. It’s a story of the dress which makes illusion to the viewers.

I am posting the photo of #TheDress below :

Illusion : Real Story of The Dress
This is a photograph that became a viral Internet sensation on 26 February 2015, when viewers disagreed over whether the colours of the item of clothing depicted were black and blue or white and gold.
The phenomenon revealed differences in human colour perception which have been the subject of ongoing scientific investigation in neuroscience and vision science.
The photo originated from a washed-out colour photograph of a dress posted on the social networking service Tumblr. In the first week after the surfacing of the image alone, more than 10 million tweets mentioned the dress, using hashtags such as #thedress, #whiteandgold, and #blackandblue. Although the actual colour was eventually confirmed as blue and black.
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 Now a same thing is trending about optical illusion about colour of #TheShoes
Illusion : Real Story of The Dress
Do search and find on internet.
Do see which colour do you actually see for #thedress shown above. Do share and ask your friends too.. see the magic !!!

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